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Circus! The Greatest Show on Earth!

by Melissa Foster

The circus is in town! You heard it right! I said, The Circus!

The Ringling Brothers C I R C U S!

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Come and see it all! Fire breathers, sword swallowers, knife

throwers, lion tamers, biking bears, trape-eeze flyers, high wires,

tightrope walkers, human cannons, stilt men, big cat acts,

human pyramids, balancing elephants . . . bee-dazzling,

spell-binding, trans-fixing!

Daddy, can I sit on your shoulders?

Yes, Siree, Ladies and Gents and all you kids, we even got the

snake girl, the midgets, the fire-breathers, carnival clowns-

and a strong man you gotta see!

That big red clown scares me!

Step right up! Get your tickets ‘fore they’re gone! All for a buck!

I don’t wanna holler, but it’s just one

dollar! Get your cracker jacks, candy corn, popcorn, corn dogs,

cotton candy – no empty hands or stomachs under our Big Top!

Oh, pink cotton candy, Daddy, p l e a s e !

This way! This way! Fascination, palpitation, gyration- all under one Big Top! Step right up!

That’s right, folks, we got a show to stop all shows tonight! Bring out the snake girl, the vanishing act, the fire jugglers, the midgets, the fat lady – even the freaks! Mesmerizing, hypnotizing, magnetizing – see it here! Don’t miss a moment! It’s about to begin!


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